Integrating Multiple Demands on Coastal Zones with Emphasis on Aquatic Ecosystems and Fisheries

Workpackage 7: Indicators for Sustainable Fisheries
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Description : Many of the fish available at the market are too small. They were caught before they reached adulthood, and so never had the chance to reproduce. This threatens the future of fish stocks, many of which have been declining for more than 50 years.

By using the fish ruler when you go to the market, you can make sure the fish you buy had the chance to reproduce before they were caught. In this simple way, you can help rebuild fish stocks by putting pressure on the fishing industry to stop catching "babies".

In addition, a fact sheet is available containing the spawning seasons and maturity weights and lengths for several Northern Europe fish stocks for use by fish traders. By using these, traders can order fish from stocks who are not currently spawning, and in weight classes large enough to ensure adulthood.

The fish rulers (the English version, the "FisherMin" and the German version "der Fisch-Max") and the Northern Europe spawning fact sheets are some of the first products of INCOFISH Workpackage 7, Simple Indicators for Sustainable Fisheries. We plan to develop such rulers for all the fisheries to be targeted by this workpackage, as well as to have an internet-based tool with the maturity lengths of many fishes from around the world.

Click below to view the rulers and fact sheet or to download full-scale printable versions.

The Fisch-Max is available in Kiel at Buchhandlung Dawartz, Holtenauerstr. 114.

The English version of the ruler for the North Sea (The FisherMin) is also available via post. To order one, please send a self-addressed and posted DIN A5 envelope to:

Cris Binohlan
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel

Postage rates:
  • Within Germany: 1.44 €
  • Within Europe: 2.50 €
  • Outside Europe: 4.00 €

There are limited quantities available and only one ruler per envelope will be sent. Thank you for your interest and understanding.

Give Feedback: We would like to know what effect the fish rulers are having at the market, so we would appreciate it if you would share your experiences using the ruler as well as any suggestions or comments you may have. To send us an email, please click here. Thank you very much for your input and cooperation.

Download : FisherMin Ruler ( North Sea version, English )
FischMax Ruler ( Baltic Sea version, German )
Spawning Fact Sheet

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